Protect Your Cloud Data with
Enterprise Level Encryption.

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Enterprise Security Meets Consumer Simplicity.

Seamless Cloud Integration

Works With Any Cloud Storage Service

nCryptedCloud acts as a layer on top of your current cloud storage service, giving you the ability to use nCryptedCloud without having to move any of your existing cloud data.

We Support:

Bank Level Security

Secure Your Data With Confidence

nCryptedCloud uses industry standard encryption technology (AES-256 bit encryption), Rotating Password Technology, and Zero Knowledge Encryption Technology to ensure that your data is fully protected in the cloud.

Encrypt you files with one simple click. Protect your files by encrypting the using industry standard encryption technology (AES-256 bit encryption)

Secure Sharing & Collaboration

Simple Sharing & Unrestricted Collaboration

We provide the most secure platform for sharing on the cloud, giving you the ability to collaborate with both nCryptedCloud users and nonusers, on any cloud storage service, all while still remaining in full control of your cloud content.

Privacy And Compliance

Assured Privacy of Personal Data

nCryptedCloud follows industry standards to protect your privacy, enabling you to comply with corporate standards and federal regulations in the cloud.

We utilize compliance controls and audit capabilities to regulate Personal Identifiable Information (PII) in the cloud.

Your Data is Always With You On The Go.

Advanced Secure Sharing Features At Your Fingertips


Send files for a designated amount of time. Access is revoked once that time has expired.


Require a passcode to access your files to ensure that your files don't end up in the wrong hands.


Watermark your files with the receiver personal information to discourage mishandling of information.